10 Songs You Must Read To

Reading a book to the right music can be a transformative experience especially paired with the right scene and tone of prose. Let’s set the mood with a standalone tub, your choice of drink, a hot cup of tea, a glass of Rosé, a beer, candles, and a good book. Is this just my ideal reading experience? I could staycay at home doing just this and be perfectly content. Now, the music. Music, when reading, has to maintain the qualities of good background music. The lyrics can’t be too distracting. The instrumental and composition has to be evocative. Remember to keep the volume low. Here are my ten favorite songs to read to for any genre.

Departure-Max Richter

I fell in love with Richter’s work after hearing him on The Leftovers which if you haven’t watched this masterpiece of a show, I highly encourage you to do so. Like now. Free trial that HBO subscription and binge. His music set the tone for all three seasons and would go perfectly with almost any genre. It holds a certain element of yearning, wonder, and heartbreak.

Sailor’s Bonnet- The Gloaming

I can’t remember where I stumbled on this beautiful piece of music but I am so glad I did. I’ve consistently labeled this song a novel. You have the beginning, a sedated violin solo, that reaches a climax, and then finishes with a happy ending. (I know, I know).

Fjogur Piano- Sigur Ros

It should be criminal not to be a fan of Sigur Rós. This song moves at a haunting pace, the piano eliciting some heartbreaking memories. Read to this at your own risk.

Once Upon A Dream- Lana Del Rey

Let the classic and luxurious voice of Lana Del Rey guide you through a haunting scene.

Your Nemesis- B Wings

This pairs perfectly with a naughty scene or a thriller.

Truman Sleeps- Phillip Glass

My son and I are obsessed with Phillip Glass and if you can recall the scene this piece was made for, you know exactly what novel would pair well.

The Hours Soundtrack- Phillip Glass

This whole soundtrack is the perfect background music for a good book. Be careful not get lost in it though.


November- Max Richter

From  his album titled Memoryhouse which I demand everyone listen to. It’s not only a good song to read to but a wonderful tool to write to as well.


Moonlight Sonata- Beethoven

Would this even be a good list without this haunting piano piece? I also adore the string quartet version as well.


The Earth is Not A Cold Dead Place Soundtrack- Explosions in the Sky

You’ve probably heard Your Hand in Mine but the entire soundtrack is so evocative and peaceful to listen to. It tugs on all the heartstrings.

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